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Please, if you have any contacts with sanctuaries for dogs like Gil and/or friends or family that may have ideas and/or may be interested in helping give him a forever home, please contact us. We are also looking for more fosters while we wait for Gil to find his forever home.

Gil in the news! July 11, 2019
Gil the Wonderpup survived against all odds. Now, he’s looking for a forever home by KGUN 9

Meet Gil the Wonderpup! 

Gil is searching for his forever home.

Are you looking for that special someone who can brighten up even the worst of bad days? Well then look no further than Gil, the Wonderpup! Gil has the ability to brighten any situation with just a flash of his pearly whites. You’ll never be bored, lonely, or down with this guy around, his joie de vivre is infectious!  Gil is a 2 year old lab mix who had a rough start to life.  He was found in the summer of 2018 dragging himself around a rural area, unable to use his hind legs. Unfortunately, Gil had been shot at close range, an injury that left him paralyzed in the hind end. A small group of friends here in Tucson raised enough money to get the bullet removed and several rounds of therapy to help him live his best life. 

We now know that Gil will never be able to walk again. However, this differently abled, not disabled pup is thriving and lives a full and joyous life playing with other dogs, chasing his toys and enjoying life in ways that most humans can only dream of! 

The one thing that would make Gil’s life complete, however, is a forever home. Gil would do best in a home with another friendly dog as he loves to play. An ideal home would be with a couple who have the time for him, either retired or working from home.  Gil’s injuries mean that he is incontinent, but there are several great strategies for dealing with that, and we’ll gladly help you learn the ropes! Gil loves to snuggle, go on walks, play with dog friends and help with house chores (okay, the last bit is a stretch – but he will gladly supervise you while you do them)! He has an incredible foster team here in Tucson and if he stays in the Tucson area, his foster mom has offered to care for him when his family has to go out of town. 

Come meet The Gillard today. We guarantee you will be leave happier than when you arrived!